Why are People Scared of Needles?

Being afraid of needles is one of the world’s more common fears, and it has a common cause. Pain, or at least the perception of pain. People don’t like to be hurt, especially if they have no control over it, and the idea of getting a needle jabbed into your arm certainly qualifies as pain you have no control over. However, for those of us who have gotten shots or other injections, most of the time we only feel a slight pinch or poke.

large capacity syringe

It’s really not that bad, and often once we figure out that the needle only gives us a prick that doesn’t hurt, we get over the fear. The fear of the perceived pain is often worse than the pain itself, and we need to face the fear in our own heads before we are comfortable with needles. If we give in to the fear, then we end up losing in the long run.

Most times, needles are attached to something, and a large capacity syringe is often filled with something we need, especially in the medical field. If we don’t get what’s in those syringes, it can cause troubles later down the line. But once we face up to that fear and refuse to let the buildup in our heads stop us, then needles and shots just become another thing we have to do. It might provide some discomfort, but what in life doesn’t?

Facing the fear that we’ve created in our own heads regarding anything can be scary, but once we do we really find that there is nothing to be scared of, and it’s a lesson we can not only use again and again but also one we can teach. Imagine teaching others how not to build up their own fear could change the world.